Selection Process - Distinguished Service Award

Any current member of CEI may nominate an individual for this award. Nominee must be a member in good standing. The nominee need not have served on the CEI Board of Directors.


The nominator(s) must assemble a nomination package consisting of the following:

  1. A nomination brief (two pages maximum) detailing the contributions the nominee has made to CEI and to teaching in North Carolina two-year colleges. Areas covered may include the following:
    • noteworthy service to CEI as a member of the Board of Directors to include service as a regional representative;
    • special service in support of CEI conferences such as program chair, local arrangements chair, etc.;
    • presentations made at the annual CEI Fall Conference; and
    • noteworthy contributions or innovative approaches to the teaching of English, communications, and other humanities courses.
  2. Two letters of recommendation from colleagues in a position to evaluate the nominee's contributions to CEI and to teaching in North Carolina two-year colleges.
  3. A brief biography of the nominee.


The current vice president of CEI will serve as chair of the nomination committee and will solicit and distribute nomination packages to the members of the selection committee.

The current vice president will appoint a selection committee composed of one representative from representatives of each of the three regions. will serve as members of the selection committee. Representatives The selection committee will meet at the next scheduled Board Meeting to discuss the nominees and vote to select the award recipient. The vice president will vote only in the event of a tie. If a meeting of the regional representatives selection committee is not possible prior to the conference, individual representatives will notify the vice president of their selection by mail.

Once the award recipient has been identified, the vice president will be responsible for preparing the award for presentation.


The Distinguished Service Award will be presented by the vice president at the annual business meeting held on the last day of the annual CEI Fall Conference.